I am Forest Ranger

6/21/2016 3:08:24 PM



Departure: Bien Hoa, HCMC

Arrival: Dong Nai Culture and Nature Reserve

Transportation: By car or motorbike.

Time: 1 day; Total: 10 – 15 paxs

You will walk in the forest (<15 km/ day), so please prepare: backpack, long sleeve shirts and pants, insect repellent (mosquito and leech).

       - 07g00: Pick you up at the meeting point, move to Dong Nai Culture and Nature Reserve.

                       -  08g30: Get Forest ranger uniform and change your clothes. Popularize the program‘s regulation

                                                    -  09g00:  Tour guide will introduce about Dong Nai Culture and Nature Reserve.

                          Show some jungle skill and how to use GPS equipment.

                          Identify poisonous animals in the forest and learn how to prevent.

                                                    - 09g30: Move to Rang Rang forest ranger station (35 km).

                                                   - 10g45: Carry out a patrol together with the forest ranger.

                                                                     - 12g30:  Set up tents and have lunch.

                                                                     - 13g00: Back to Rang Rang forest ranger station.

                                                                     - 15h00: Back to the Headquarter. Take a bath and return the forest ranger uniform.

                                                                     -  16h45: Say goodbye and depart to the meeting point by car. End the excursion.

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