The Headquarters for Eastern Region Party Committee Relic

3/1/2016 10:14:05 AM


Time: 1 day

Means of transport: By car

08h 00 – 09h 00: about 35 km

Pick up at the central office of War Zone D in Hamlet 1, Ma Da commune, Vinh Cuu District, Dong Nai province. Then, let’s arrive at the Headquarters for Eastern Region Party Committee.

09h 00 – 10h 00:   

Tourist guide will lead you to light incense and commemorate heroic martyrs. Next, you will visit, and learn more about the Headquarter for Eastern Region Party Committee, including monuments, exhibition room, tunnel system, Hoang Cam stoves, heath care center… This is an important historic site in the War Zone D during 2 periods of resistance against France and America. It is a symbol of a grueling hard and spirited Eastern land, which was designated by Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism in 1997 to be National Cultural and Historical Relic.

10h 00 -11h 30: About 30 km

11h 30 – 13h 30:  Take a rest and have lunch

13h 30 – 15h 30: Visit and learn about biodiversity in the forest of War Zone D. 


14h 30: About 35 km 

Come back to the central office. End the trip.

Tour code


From 10-14 guests


From 16-25 guests


From 35-45 guests



Headquarters for Eastern Region Party Committee relic






 * Inclusions:

  - Tour ticket for each destination

  - Tourist guide: Enthusiastic and cheerful

  - Have lunch at The Headquarter for Eastern Region Party Committee Relic.

* Exclusions:

   VAT, transportation fee, insurance and other derived expenses.

Note: You can choose many attractive destinations in Dong Nai Culture & Nature Reserve.

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