The Central Committee for South Vietnam relic

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Time: 1 day

Means of transport: By car

08h 00 – 09h 00: About 35 km

You are welcomed at the central office, which is located in Hamlet 1, Ma Da commune, Vinh Cuu district, Dong Nai province. Start the trip by arriving to the Central Committee for South Vietnam.

09h 00 – 11h 00:        

Tourist guide will introduce about the Central Committee for South Vietnam (1961-1962) which is recognized as a National Historical Relic in 19 January 2004.

In January 1961, Political Bureau (Politburo) of the Central Communist Party of Vietnam issued a resolution on the immediate tasks of the revolution and the establishment of the Central Committee for South Vietnam in replacement for the old South’s Party Committee to lead the revolutionary movement direction from south latitude 17 to Ca Mau. The founding ceremony of Central Committee was solemnly held in Nhung stream, Ma Da commune.  Hence, the policies and guidelines of the Central Committee and the Politburo on the South Vietnam liberation war were all spread in the whole country.

This is the important historical place during the resistance period against America.

The tourist guide will lead you to light incense in the main gravestones and the cemetery of the heroic martyrs.

11h00-13h00: Take a rest and have lunch at the Central Committee

13h00 – 15h 00: Continue visiting the gravestones of sectors at the Central Committee, such as: communication board, Vietnam news agency, propaganda board, organization board, and military proselyting …

Enjoying the natural forest and stream around the relic

15h00: about 35 km

End the trip.

Tour code


From 10-14 guests



From 16-25 guests



From 35-45 guests




The Central Committee for South Vietnam






  - Tour ticket for each destination

  - Tourist guide: Enthusiastic and cheerful

  - Have lunch at the Central Committee for South Vietnam

  - Spring water: 1 bottle (500ml), 1 wet tissue/person


  VAT, transportation fee, insurance and other derived expenses.

Note: You can choose many attractive destinations in Dong Nai Culture and Nature Reserve.

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